Grand Final Recap

Last weekend saw the conclusion of the 2019 Townsville rugby competition with all grades competing in their respective Grand Finals. Congratulations to all of our winners across the board, as well as our Grand Final player of the matches and our Referees. To those who fell short of glory, we can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring for your team.

Universal Cranes Friday Night Juniors Results:

Under 10’s: Brothers White 15 DEF Burdekin 10

  • Referee: Angus Richardson
  • Player of the Final: Liam Gibb (Brothers)

Under 11’s: Ross River 20 DEF North Ward Red 15

  • Referee: William Giddins
  • Player of the Final: Cheyenne Harcoo (Ross River)

Under 12’s: Charters Towers 34 DEF Brothers 21

  • Referee: Clancy Blacklock
  • Player of the Final: Xander Nunns (Charters Towers)

Under 13’s: Ross River 31 DEF Brothers 12

  • Referee: Howard Keyes
  • Player of the Final: Riley Waia-Dau (Ross River)

Saturday Junior Results:

Under 14’s: Brothers 40 DEF Grammar 0

  • Referee: Elijah Weeks
  • Player of the Final: Dom Taylor (Brothers)

Under 14 Girls: North Ward 34 DEF Burdekin 15

  • Referee: Peter Montgomery
  • Player of the Final: Flora Nona (North Ward)

Under 15’s: Brothers 10 DEF Burdekin 7

  • Referee: Jordan Holmes
  • Player of the Final: Malakai Batimala (Brothers)

Under 16’s: Burdekin 28 DEF Charters Towers 24

  • Referee: Rodney Seeto
  • Player of the Final: Kmani Levi (Burdekin)

Under 16 Girls: Charters Towers 43 DEF Teachers West 5

  • Referee: Clancy Blacklock
  • Player of the Final: Morgan Day (Charters Towers)

Under 17’s: Burdekin 18 DEF Brothers 8

  • Referee: Kieran Keyes
  • Player of the Final: Braedy Vasta (Burdekin)

Under 18 Girls: Teachers West 31 DEF Charters Towers 27

  • Referee: Isaac O’Dempsey
  • Player of the Final: Daisy D’Arcy

Saturday Senior Results:

3rd Grade: Brothers 49 DEF North Ward 5

  • Referee: Philip Walsh
  • Player of the Final: Elliot Stone (Brothers)

2nd Grade: Teachers West 21 DEF Brothers 14

  • Referee: Ben Maher
  • Player of the Final: Matt Newsome (Teachers West)

Womens: Teachers West 14 DEF University 12

  • Referee: Jake Elson
  • Player of the Final: Stephanie Ullman (Teachers West)

1st Grade: Teachers West 42 DEF LARCS 12

  • Referee: Chyna Howlett
  • Player of the Final: Martin Brennan (Teachers West)
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