Zarraffa’s Coffee Townsville Festival of 7’s Team Registrations

The Zarraffa’s Coffee Townsville Festival of 7s Nominations are now open for all age groups.

This year all team nominations must be done through Rugby Xplorer and all teams have now gone to a “Team Pays” cost instead of players individually paying through the gate.

Please contact the TDRU office if you have trouble registering your team – Please know that the person who registers the team will become the main contact for all communication from the TDRU. Once you have your team registered you can have a coach and manager register to that team at no cost.

  1. Open Rugby Xplorer app – if you don’t have it please download from Apple or Android app store – if you do have the app, it must be the most updated version
  2. Using the “more” menu option on the bottom right click “Register”
  3. Under Rugby Events select “Register a Team”
  4. In the search bar please type “ TSV Festival” this will bring up all the Townsville 7’s competitions
  5. Scroll until you find the age group for your team. (example Under 14’s or Senior Mens)
  6. Once selected scroll to bottom of page and hit next
  7. Enter your team name and contact details – Please make your team name is unique so you can be identified (please do not call your team “Under 12’s”)
  8. For the “Enter a Club” drop down menu, if you are associated with a Rugby Union Club find your club in the selection. If not, just scroll down and select “Townsville Junior Rugby Club” (for junior teams) and ” Townsville Senior Rugby Club” (for senior teams).
  9. Enter your name and contact details and club if applicable then click next button
  10. From here, an email will be sent to the TDRU and your selected associated club which will need to be approved by both parties before you can continue.
  11. Once both parties (the TDRU & Associated Club) have accepted your team request, you will receive an email with a link to continue to the payment process. *Please note the next steps NEED to be completed on the mobile device app, it will not work on a computer/desktop*
  12. Payment page (fee’s below) – All team and player fee’s are charged here to one person. This covers Insurance/Game Fee/Entry and State Fee for all squad sizes (Juniors & Seniors) as well as coaches/managers
  13. Once you have paid you and the TDRU will receive a confirmation email

Mini Rugby 7s
Divisions: Under 8s, 9s and 10s – SQUAD SIZE: 12 players only
Event Date: Friday the 27th of October 2023 – Start time approximately 4.30pm
Registration Fee: $210/team + processing fee

Primary Aged Rugby 7s
Divisions: Under 11s Mixed -12s Mixed and U12 Girls – SQUAD SIZE: 12 players only
Date: Friday the 13th of October 2023 – Start time approximately 4.30pm
Registration Fee: $210/team + processing fee

Teenage Rugby 7s
Divisions: Under 13-14-15s Boys, Under 14 Girls – SQUAD SIZE: 12 players only
Event Date: Saturday the 28th of October 2023 – Start time approximately 8am till
Registration Fee: $260/team + processing fee

Youth Rugby 7s
Divisions: Under 16s Boys & Girls, Under 18s Boys & Girls – SQUAD SIZE: 12 players only)
Date: Saturday the 14th of October 2023 – Start time approximately 8am till 8pm
Registration Fee: $260/team + processing fee

Senior Rugby 7s
Date: Friday 20th of October – Sunday 22nd of October – SQUAD SIZE: 15 players in squad (12 for each match)
Registration Fee: $650/team (all senior divisions) + processing fee
Times: Friday night ‘Meet and Greet’ Event Party (Social Men’s games) 6pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-6pm (Social Men’s finals, Men’s & Women’s Competitive Pool matches) and Sunday 10am-6pm Men’s and Women’s Competitive Finals