Life Members

  1. The privileges of life membership of the Association may be bestowed on any person who has rendered distinguished service to the Association and who has significantly fostered Rugby Union Football in the Townsville District. The following conditions shall govern the granting of life membership:-
    1. Life membership shall bestowed by the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
    2. No life member shall be appointed unless the Management Committee has by a two-thirds majority of the Management Committee Members recommend such appointment to the Annual General Meeting and a two- thirds majority of the Council members present at the Annual General Meeting accept the nomination.
    3. Life membership of the Association shall be restricted and no more than two life members shall be appointed in any one year.
    4. Life members of the Association shall be entitled to such privileges as the Council may from time to time resolve.
    5. A register of life members shall be kept as part of the records of the Association.

Current Life Members

Colin Harkness
Robert Spillane
Beryl Barnes
Peter Ryalls
Bob Jones
Tony Reddy
Bernard Smith
John Tracey
Bruce Shepherd
Dan Morton
Lachlan Bell
Adrian Gabrielli
Peter Cavallo
Craig Stack