School Programs

If you are interested in your school participating in any of the following programs, please email: or

Get Into Rugby Program

Townsville and District Rugby Union have now been a part of the Sporting Schools program for just over 5 years. The GAME ON program is a curriculum-based five-week program developed by the Australian Rugby Union which teaches the fundamentals of Rugby Union to Primary School students.

Get into Rugby Schools is designed to provide primary students and secondary students in years 7 and 8 with their first taste of rugby. The program introduces participants to the skills and core values required to play all formats of rugby, 7s, 15s or Touch 7s (the new modified, non-contact rugby format). ‘Get Into Rugby’ is now a continuation of the Development Programs that the TDRU already run, namely the Rugby Education Program (REP) which already focuses on teaching students the basic understandings of Rugby Union.

Over the 3 – 5 week program, the students will learn the fundamental skills and concepts of rugby in a professional environment, that is suitable for all Primary School aged children.

Rugby Education Program – REP

The Rugby Education Program or REP for short is a program run by the TDRU throughout Term 1 and 2 as apart of Townsville Rugby’s recruitment drive around schools. These sessions prove that they are an effective format for introducing students to the game of Rugby Union. These sessions are a TDRU run program which aims at providing participants with a basic introduction into the game of rugby, it also gives them an opportunity to develop their core rugby skills i.e. catch, pass, kick, breakdown and tackle.


Established in 2019, the ‘BE A BROLGA’ program has seen the TDRU Development Team visit over 15 centres in its short history. This program is designed to give students another opportunity to learn about a sport they may never of heard of.

The program entails learning the basics of rugby union and can fit for Prep students all the way to your senior grades. Our program is very flexible and can be negotiated to fit into your schedule and budget.

If your centre is looking to book in for our OSHC or Vacation Care timeslots, please send an expression of interest to